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Why Rezalliance?

Authenticity and pragmatism combined with a holistic, sytemic and intersectional vision:

With Rezalliance by your side, the journey to inclusivity is simpler and more rewarding.

Pragmatism and Humanism

Inclusion, far from being complicated, embodies equality among all individuals, regardless of their differences. It is both pragmatism and humanism.

Forms of harassment and discrimination in the workplace are detrimental to everyone. They generate violence and disrupt the balance of society.

At Rezalliance, we believe in a fair world of work where everyone can realize their potential and contribute to creating more value. That’s why we offer effective solutions to develop inclusive work environments and support organizations in achieving this goal.

❗ Our platform REZ-CARE.COM is a unique tool serving both employees and employers:

1️⃣ A safe space for listening to and supporting individuals affected by harassment.

2️⃣ Access to a range of tailored made services:

  • Confidential reporting: Anonymous reporting of harassment cases with swift action.
  • Efficient and swift case management: Tracking, documentation, and appropriate measures.
  • Advanced data analysis to identify necessary improvements.
  • Training and awareness initiatives for better prevention of risky situations.

Subscribing to REZ-CARE.COM means joining our network of companies committed to a fair work environment, leveraging our progressive certification to strenghten trust with your whole ecosystem, internal and external stakeholders: employees, suppliers, board etc.

Integrity – Justice – Inclusion


Three core values that serve as a compass to always keep in view our purpose: To make the journey from diversity to inclusion simpler and more rewarding for employers and employees.




ℹ Rezalliance is a high-impact societal organization working to strengthen inclusion in the workplace through its three pillars:

Rezalliance Consulting : Boutique consulting firm offering tailor-made services to employers wishing to elevate their organization towards more inclusiveness.

Rezalliance Association : Non-profit organization whose mission is to safeguard human integrity, stem harassment and discrimination and strengthen inclusion in the world of work. Its members form a growing network of professionals from diverse backgrounds who have decided to be part of the solution.
More info www.rezalliance-asso.com

Rez-Care : A unique platform dedicated to listening to and supporting people affected by harassment and discrimination of all forms in the world of work.
More info www.rez-care.com

With our multidisciplinary ecosystem, we support organizations of all sizes and sectors across Europe. Contact us if you are seeking an end-to-end solution for sustainable results!

The relevance of an ecosystem dedicated to solving a human, business and social problem.

Who are we?

Joëlle Payom
Executive Director

A dedicated professional recognized for her efforts in promoting an inclusive work environment. With over 15 years of experience in sales and procurement roles in various companies in France and Switzerland, she embarked on entrepreneurship in 2020 to develop pragmatic solutions aimed at making workplaces more inclusive and high-performing.

As the visionary behind Rezalliance, she leveraged her expertise to create and nurture a dynamic ecosystem dedicated to promoting inclusion while tackling workplace harassment head-on. Her holistic and systemic approach enables employers to better manage psychosocial risks while safeguarding the integrity of employees, regardless of visible or invisible differences.

She is sought after by businesses, NGOs, institutions, and leading educational institutions to provide strategic consulting and tailored services that address the unique needs of each organization:

🔹 HR partner for the design and implementation of relevant diversity and inclusion policies. 🔹 Trusted advisor and external investigator in cases of suspected harassment. 🔹 Lecturer, keynote speaker and facilitator of workshops on topics related to inclusion, diversity, and harassment prevention. 🔹 Designer of the unique platform www.rez-care.com, dedicated to detecting, preventing, and resolving all forms of workplace harassment. 🔹 Co-initiator of the International Day Against Workplace Harassment and for Inclusion: www.24may.org

Advisory Board

Tal Schibler

Lawyer registered with the Geneva Bar since 1992

– Corporate law
– International business operations
– Joint ventures
– Litigation and arbitration