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Rez-Care for employees

Comprehensive assistance program dedicated to harassment and discrimination of all forms at work.

  • You might be experiencing a workplace conflict and wondering if it constitutes harassment.
  • You are facing workplace harassment and seeking solutions to end it.
  • You have witnessed instances of harassment against someone in a professional context.
  • Following the workplace harassment you endured, you are struggling to overcome the trauma and bounce back personally and/or professionally.

Rezalliance Care program was designed based on real situations, to meet the specific needs of people targeted by harassment and discrimination of all forms in a professional context.

Rezalliance cabinet conseil en inclusion au travail - Genève, Paris, Bruxelles

Harassment is an abuse of power that aims to destroy a person, strip them of their identity, and humiliate them. Changing the law alone doesn’t change society; one must also be actively involved alongside it. 

Micheline Calmy-Rey, former President of the Swiss Confederation, President of the Gymnastics Ethics Foundation and godmother of the International day against harassment and for inclusion in the world of work. 

How to deal with workplace harassment?

Awareness is the first step.

Very often, the people targeted by harassment only become aware of the situation when their health is seriously affected. Because the violence is most often moral, the victims struggle to put words to the evils.
– Is mediation possible?
– Is dialogue with the employer broken?
– Is the termination of the employment contract avoidable?

So many questions whose answers will depend on the individual context.

The detailed analysis of the situation will allow informed decisions to be made taking into account the impact on career and personal life.

Access to competent and credible experts, selected according to a rigorous process to offer a service at the best value for money

All the expertise you need is available in one place!

Your energy and your time are precious, rely on Rez-Care, the turnkey solution to accompany you throughout the process to bounce back.


Listening, orientation, empathy, confidentiality

Psychological support


Legal advice

Why Rezalliance Care ?

  • You are directly confronted with harassment or discrimination in the professional context : Tell your story on our dedicated platform www.rez-care.com


  • You want to support a loved one who is encountering a situation of harassment at work, and you don’t know how to encourage them to seek support : Offer them a subscription to www.rez-care.com
We know from experience that the victims of harassment and discrimination at work do not think of asking for help: Shock, fear of judgment or lack of energy, the reasons are numerous and only delay a process of reconstruction which will be more or less long depending on the individual. The sooner we become aware of what is at stake, the sooner we can take steps to get out of a situation that can be extremely harmful.